Hello! I am the author of two middle grade books, The Great Singapore Poo Sale and Other Beastly Business and Make Animals Great Again and Other Creature Campaigns. Happily, many children and adults have enjoyed them too, as I hope you will. I was formerly a teacher, and I keep in touch with that side of things by giving talks and conducting workshops on writing techniques and Singapore's biodiversity. Order my books here!

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"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." - Proverbs 16:9

My youth was full of drama.

High: Winning the Singapore Young Dramatist Award

for a double bill of plays I wrote about murder by poison.

Low: Acting as a sea sponge in a blacklight theatre-puppetry-mime disaster.

At 17, I went to Canada on a United World College scholarship.

My school had 200 students from 88 countries.

High: Presenting "The History of Singapore in Just 5 Minutes" - an amusing skit with a real Malay playing a villager in Temasek, a real Brit playing Raffles, real Japanese students playing Japanese soldiers, and a dude from Kenya playing Sang Nila Utama. 

Low: That time my Chechen roommate yelled, "You hurt me worse than the Russians!"

I majored in Film and Video Production at the University of Southern California.

High: A prof I respect said my kungfu short was the manliest film in the class.

Low: Crashing a golf cart at the Universal Studios backlot where I interned.

Spent a few years working in media-related gigs. 

High: A year as a VFX production coordinator in London.  Love that city.

Low: Screenwriting in Hong Kong was great, but I lived in a matchbox flat with no kitchen. I cooked with a hotpot on top of the toilet bowl and washed my dishes in the shower.

Switched careers and taught English and Literature.

High: Explaining Shakespeare's dirty jokes.

Low: Room inspections as boarding mistress at a boys' school. Smells you cannot imagine. 

Now a full-time wife and mum, writing and speaking on the side.

High: "The Most Irritating Person in the World (Self-Proclaimed)" transformed into 

"Husband of the Year" over 20 hours of labour. Baby E, future philosopher and astronaut clown, was thus born. Doctor was so baller that she delivered E while wearing home clothes and slippers, then thanked me for not pooping on her. Epidural FTW.

Low: When the dog had diarrhoea in the house.

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